Unidentified coat of arms found in the Incunabula collection


While cataloging a copy of Leonardus de Utino’s Sermones aurei de Sanctis (Venice: Johann von Koln and Johann Manthen, 1475) we came across a coat of arms that is so far unidentified. This coat of arms has been added to the recto of leaf a2 and is located after the incipit to the prologue.  The inscription at the head of the leaf reads:  Emptu[?] Jhr…ne[??] die ii  Juli 16[-]1, and a previous inscription has been struck-through above it. The library is one of seven universities in possession of this text in the United States.

The volume was bequeathed to the Library in 1931 by Mrs. Mary F. Kitchell from the library of her late husband, John Wickliff Kitchell of Pana, Illinois. The rest of the initials in this item have all been added in gilt, continuing the “golden” theme.  It has been bound in parchment on boards, with spine title: “Leonardi de Vtino Sermones de Sanctis 1475”.


We are seeking any information that might lead to the identification of this coat of arms. If you have any suggestions please contact the Non Solus blog moderators or the Rare Book & Manuscript Library.


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