30 August 2012 — Rebus answer


Wanted by a single girl, a place to lie-in at inviolable taciturnity is earnestly enjoined. The girl obtained the burthen which she bears on a small Haycock last spring. It was when the sun shone, and all nature was clad in her best apparel, that a wanton farmer, not having the fear of grace before his eyes, but being instigated by the devil, with a well-know-you[?] instrument which he produced from below, and violently and inhumanely assaulted her about the belly, and produced a swelling, against the peace of the realm, so that a separation cannot be expected till nine months are past [a fox used in place of an ass]. In plain English he got her maidenhead, planted a fine girl[?] in a prolific bed, and a medical man is wanted to introduce it into the world. Ask for B.U., Colney Hatch, Middlesex.

P.S. – Silence must be observed as the girl is to be married as soon as all’s over.


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