30 August 2012 — Rebus clues

The numerous variations of a building with a fence and/or a gate and a large sign signify an inn (cf. page one, line one).

The conical tree is a yew (cf. page one, line six).

The sharp object with a rounded handle is an awl (cf. page one, line seven).

The object shaped like a shoe pointing to the right is a last (cf. page one, line seven).

The small boy is a lad (cf. page one, line nine).

The buckled object is a knot (cf. page one, line 11).

The wooden cask is a butt, a traditional English measurement equaling about 108 to 140 gallons (cf. page one, line 12).

The cylinder with a handle is a can (cf. page two, line four).

The combination of the images of a girl and a head in profile signifies maidenhead (cf. page two, line seven).

Another word for “rabbit” is “coney,” here representing the first part of “Colney Hatch,” formerly a hamlet and now a district in modern-day north London.


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