Non Solus was a publication about the collections of the University of Illinois Library, published from 1974-1985. The Non Solus Blog was established in the summer of 2010 to continue the work of Non Solus in the digital realm. At the top of this page we have assembled links to many other bookish blogs that you might enjoy.


Valerie Hotchkiss

Adam Doskey

Marten Stromberg

Ryan Ross

Daryl Green

Dennis Sears

Chatham Ewing

Caroline Szylowicz

Tad Boehmer

Paul Gouwens

Alvan Bregman

Maria Ford

Lisa Krekelberg

Linde M. Brocato

Sarah Lindenbaum

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  1. Charles Blair

    Israel Zangwill is also known for THE BIG BOW MYSTERY, an early, not-too-serious, example of a certain locked-room plot. It was made into a movie, THE VERDICT, with Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre.

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